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Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course

Our Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course is highly interactive, packed with activities that enable you to apply a range of problem solving techniques and develop problem solving competencies.Problem Solving Course ObjectivesYou will learn valuable techniques and methodologies to expand your critical thinking abilitiesYou will discover techniques to enable you to accurately define a problem So, you will be sure you are working on the problem itself - and not the symptomsYou will Mind the Gap between the problem and procrastination and recognise the common pitfalls encountered when problem solvingRecognise when to consult and involve others in the process of problem solving and decision makingUtilize appropriate and useful techniques such as Mind Mapping , Brainstorming, Ishikawa Diagrams, Lateral Thinking Techniques, Evaluation Techniques, SWOT analysesOvercome barriers to effective problem solving and utilize group problem solving techniquesYou will sell credible solutions to stakeholders

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Who the course is aimed at

Duration 2 days. This two day event is designed for anyone who is responsible for:Resolving issues quickly and accurately.Developing innovative solutions to problems.Applying objective judgment to decision making.Monitoring successful implementation of solutions

Course Agenda

Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course ContentGathering Evidence - Heart or Mind StrategyAn understanding of a variety of approaches to effectively collecting information to solve problems.How your emotions can influence your reactions - controlling bias and identifying credible criteria Understanding Thinking Patterns Do you go towards > or Away from < Your Goal?The Way We See the Problem Avoiding Positive/Negative GeneralizationMaking Decisions - Your Experience of Yesterday What did you learn then to apply to today or tomorrow?The Decision Making Model Apply the Six Step ApproachA Toolkit of Problem Solving and Decision Making TechniquesPROVEWeighting CriteriaBrainstormingMind MappingNew ShoesSWOTIshikawa TechniqueRainbow Textiles Interactive ActivityMind the Gap! - Traps to avoid! The Anchoring Trap. The Status Quo Trap, The Sunk Cost Trap, The Confirming Evidence Trap, The Framing Trap, The Recent Event TrapLateral ThinkingReversalPareto AnalysisForce Field AnalysisSix Hats Creative and Innovative Decision MakingUsing VHF! Create positive neural pathways. Use multiple intelligencesMake an Informed Decision and Sell It

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9.15am - 4.30pm

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