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This practical and highly interactive communicate with impact workshop is designed to enable you to consider the core purpose, intent and outcomes required from business communications.When considering those outcomes you will identify and select the most appropriate from a range of influencing techniques thatin the context of your communication, whether it is a negotiation, a meeting or a presentation, enables you to influence your stakeholders, minimize conflict and ensure your message has the required impact.However, constructing and delivering the message is only part of the process and takes no account of how the message is being received. So, whether your message is intended for a group or an individual it is a two way process and therefore we will explore essential business communication competencies from a variety of perspectives including, barriers to self perception and recognition of the perception of others, and the process of unconscious bias and how it impacts your communications.

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During the 3-day workshop you will begin to develop the following business critical competencies:Identify the objective of the message and what actions are required of its recipientConstruct and deliver messages that are clear and unambiguous Ensure intentional communication is goal directed and control accidental or unintentional meta communicationRecognise and manage perceptual distortion in communicationsRecognise and act upon reactions to your message and identify clues to dominant feelingsIdentify barriers to self perception and the perception of others Psychological and cultural factors in perceptual errorsControl your unconscious bias and how bias creates self fulfilling propheciesDemonstrate techniques to help you to reduce the impact of unconscious bias in your roleAnticipate, and influence behaviour associated with work styles and preferencesProvide unbiased and balanced developmental feedbackFlex your style and influence polar oppositesIdentify the roles of power and influence in communicationsDemonstrate the skills of focusing your audience quickly on common purpose and resultsPresenting ideas/opinions assertively using the PROVE model.Communicate with Impact ContentThe core purpose and content of communicationsIdentifying the purpose of your communication and selecting the method that supports that purposeEnhancing verbal, Para-verbal and non verbal communications to add impact to your messageThe role of filters in communication...what you said wasnt what I heardExploring the five levels of listeningExploring the impact of unconscious bias on our communicationsWhat does unconscious bias look like in practice?Whats the impact of unconscious bias?Recognising your own unconscious bias and the risks of acting on it instinctively.Are your message leaking unconscious bias? Exploring micro messages, micro inequities and micro affirmationsInterpreting body languageSilent movies activityIdentifying emotions being conveyed via non verbal channelsListening levels and listening for the bass lineResponding to what is being conveyedFabulous feedbackHow groups and individuals respond to feedbackThe impact of future orientated developmental feedback in contrast to traditional performance feedbackWhat drives your feedback? Providing feedback The providers intentions play an enormous part in the perceived value are your intentions positive?Practice session using the AID ModelPresenting IdeasPresenting ideas/opinions assertively using the PROVE modelAsking questions to find out what is most important to the other party.Framing your proposal so it is more about them than you.Managing objections - framework for handling conflictAvoiding conflict in communications Perceptual distortion and the information we attend toThe culprit activityJohari and the third eye of invisible traits how others see youThe ladder of inference and how it impacts communication.Analysing working styles and communication preferences.The importance of timing when communicating messages Six thinking hats: recognising thinking styles and tailoring communication to accommodate a range of stylesYour turn to structure a message to get the impact you requireThis session is aimed at perfecting your communicate with impact message:Structuring a message and clarifying expectations.What should your opening statement announce?Whats in it for the Audience? Why should I be interested?Memorable messages and the rule of threePresenting your rationale for this approach

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