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Our Business and Strategy Development Training Course will enable you to explore and develop techniques in strategic thinking and business planning, we will familiarize you with a variety of methodologies and tools and enable you to develop the skills to create plans which align with your corporate goals. Ambiguity is unsettling. Faced with it, you are tempted to reach for a fast (potentially wrong) solution, so we will help you to recognise and manage the seven fatal thinking flaws, re-frame problems to get to root causes and challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own.Learning ObjectivesBy the end of the three day workshop, you will have acquired a Strategic Business Planning Toolkit that will enhance the way you develop and implement strategic plans. Specifically, you will have learnt how to:Define and use vision, mission and objectives statements as key tools that build a framework for strategic business planningUse strategic business analysis tools and templates to devise a strategic planRecognise Critical Success Factors which must be managed and Key performance indicators that are essential for measurementIdentify risks associated with the plansStructure and draw up a strategic business planDevelop action plans for the implementation of a strategic planTranslate strategic plans into viable action plansEvaluate success of business strategy

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Managers and Division Heads who develop business strategies Business and Strategy Development Training Course AimTo assist the strategic management team in developing practical strategies for establishing, promoting and sustaining change in their organisation to enable them to achieve strategic targetsTo raise awareness of fixed patterns of behaviour, embedded responses, and bias that enable us to take shortcuts but can make it difficult to shift our perceptionTo encourage a more pragmatic style of leadership and management that encourages employees to work towards, rather than against, the desired organisational future

Course Agenda

Course Content Day 1Refocuses minds away from day to day tasks and towards strategic thinking, business strategy, and business planning. We will consider the practical aspects of strategy development as well as alerting you to some of the pitfalls that may occur. Topics covered include:What is Business Strategy?Differences between strategic and operational managementTeam Activity Lets begin by asking questions!The Levels impacted by Strategic PlanningCorporate, Business, Functional and network Level StrategiesRelational Actors and Relational ArrangementsWhat is a KPI? 12 Steps for getting started with KPIsAligning Business GoalsExamining Your Strategies & KPIsUnderstanding Balanced ScorecardsThree Components of Strategic ManagementExploring The Strategic Mindset - Evaluating your strategic thinking competenciesDeliberate and emerging strategies - the right balance between control and spontaneity.The Strategic Position, Strategic Choice and ImplementationThe M Model - Assessing Strengths (Money, Manpower, Markets, Management, Materials, Machinery and Make upMapping Swim Lane DiagramsDay 2 provides you with a Strategic Business Planning Toolkit of techniques used by business planners worldwide. Best practice techniques will be explored and applied to case studies including:SWOT AnalysisThe McKinsey 7 S modelPESTLE AnalysisSwim Lane DiagramsPorters Five ForcesForce Field AnalysisIshikawa / Fishbone TechniqueScenario AnalysisUsing The Goals GridDecision CalendarsRisk AnalysisDay 3 ensures that you can turn your strategic thinking and plans into action plans which can be managed and evaluated. Topics will include:Scenario PlanningConstructing a Risk matrixPower and Influence who has it and what is the source of the power? Tapping into power sources to make things happenStakeholder AnalysisCreating and selling a compelling visionStrategic planning processes in the futureIdentifying the competencies required for the futureMaster planning session putting together your strategic plan

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9.30am - 4.30pm

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