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Consultancy Skills for Training and Development Professionals

Duration 2 days. Organisations are constantly facing the need to change. Increasingly customers are expecting training consultants to respond quickly with practical, creative solutions that are cost effective and aligned to the needs of the business. This Consultancy Skills for Training and Development Professionals course will ensure you develop greater confidence to work with clients at all levels. It will enable HR and training consultants to raise their profile, extend their skills and make a real difference within the organisation by providing a valuable, effective, tailored training and consultancy service that focuses on the issue and returns the required resultsInternal consultants will be able to:Select and apply a consultancy style that builds rapportDemonstrate commercial awareness competenciesExplain how organisational culture influences solutions Identify organisational data that is relevant to the solutionAnalyse and interpret data effectivelyFocus on analytical and proactive thinking to enable measurable solutions interact with colleagues and clients alike, developing professional relationshipsDevelop strategies for marketing your consultancy or in house service

Course Information

Who the course is aimed at

Consultancy skills for training and development professionals is designed for you if your role is in training and development perhaps you are a consultant, HR business partner or a training manager and you wish to develop your consultative skills to identify needs and provide client-centered tailored training solutions.

Course Agenda

Consultancy Skills For Training and Development Professionals Course ContentWhat is the scope of my product or service?Consultancy defining your service Identifying business benefitsBeing clear about your services, promoting them, choosing channels to marketProposition design: identifying the key factors that will make a solution compelling for a client.Addressing client objections and concernsDeveloping confidence in yourself and your products and servicesThe Consulting Process & ContractingSituation AppraisalInsight into the People, Politics and Potential aspects of what's going on in each part of the consulting processDiagnosis: recognising states of readiness and preparing an approach for interventionCritical skills for internal consultants enabling them to identify clearly what the client requirements are - and recognise that the client is often unsure or mistaken about their real needsPreparing for and conducting client meetings Developing a proposition jointly with a client - establishing objectives Agreeing processes, resources, responsibilities and deliverables Identifying criteria for successManaging expectations Reporting what will be measured and how will results be communicatedUnderstanding clients and organisations; profiling; creating a favourable initial impactAnalysis & DiagnosisThis session explores a range of consulting tools and techniques to gather, analyse and interpret data, generate options and move towards potential solutionsData collection Is / Is Not Analysis and problem solving5 WhysFishbone TechniquePareto AnalysisSWOTSANDForce Field AnalysisWeighted MatrixAction Planning interventions to ensure you deliver timely and comprehensive solutionsLeadership & Management SkillsAll consulting projects require inputs from other people internal consultants achieve through people. Effective internal consultants encourage, motivate, persuade, influence, involve and organise others to contribute. Since internal consultants rarely have line manager authority this requires a special set of skills stakeholder analysis recognising that not everyone will be on your side from the beginning and developing ways to work with allies, opponents, champions and adversaries. Understanding what really motivates people how values drive behaviour winning hearts and minds logic and being right isnt enough!Influencing and negotiating skills you are more likely to get what you need if people want to give it to you; this session provides participants with powerful influencing techniquesFacilitating meetingsStructuring, questioningEncouraging participationCommunicating with internal clients frequency, channels, content managing expectations and delivering bad newsMaking RecommendationsPresenting RecommendationsOvercoming ResistanceSpecifying Support NeedsGaining Commitment Barriers to change recognising them and making recommendations to overcome them Support methods during transition

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9.00am - 4.30PM

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