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Competency Based Recruitment Training CourseRecruiting people who can demonstrate their ability to make a contribution to the organisation is essential to your success. However, the process is costly in terms of time and resources and therefore it is critical that the process enables recognition of essential competencies.The Need For Competency Based Recruitment TrainingThere is an increasing demand to select people who demonstrate the specific competencies required for the role and fit in with the wider context of working within the organisation, do they align with the organisation's values, and how effective are they when building relationships with colleagues and customers? A competency-based approach to recruitment and selection enables you to identify the actual performance required to make delivery of the job successful.By the end of this course of development you will be able to:Specify the competency requirements of the position and maintain focus on the interviews primary objectivesDesign and develop an effective well-structured competency based interviewCapture and evaluate interview evidence objectivelyMake effective decisions about each candidate based on the evidence of competency gained during the interviewBreak the job tasks, outputs, skills and experience into competencies and behaviour indicators to indicate what will be required of the successful applicant in order for them to perform effectively within the jobIdentify the skills, knowledge and appropriate behaviours to support the future needs of the organisationDetermine the most appropriate method of assessing an individual against each competency and select assessment methods to enable valid assessment

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This course is aimed at those who are involved in recruitment and selection and need to develop a competency based approach

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What are competency frameworks and how they can be used in recruitment?Competency based selection the process Using job descriptions and person specifications what do they tell us? Breaking the requirements of the job into a competencies required to perform the role effectivelyNatural competencies - personality traits and characteristics that enhance performance in the roleAcquired competencies skills and knowledge that the individual has attained or developed such as qualifications and experienceAdapting and transferrable competencies - how the individual has applied themselves during their career Considering the future requirements of the roleFormulating evidence based questions What difference the approach will make to the way you attract and select staffAssessment MethodsConsidering assessment tools and techniques that are relevant to the jobCompetency-based interviewsPersonality questionnaires Psychometric testing Presentations Work simulation tests Group exercises Case StudiesDesigning specific performance assessment scenarios and questionsDefining and agreeing the standards and evidence of performance required for the jobConstructing selection stages to gather evidence from candidates relating to the competencies defined as necessary for successSelecting and preparing the assessment panelPreparation & Planning for Competency-Based InterviewsProviding advice for the candidate guidance: how can they provide evidence of demonstrating the competenciesDesigning the interview framework around the competency frameworkMethods for recording information from the candidate and evaluating it against the behavioural requirements of the role.Interview Review & Decision MakingPreparing the PanelEnsuring consistency and coordination when there is more than one interviewerPlanning your agenda. Liaison with others involved in the processThe role of the HR department, assessing their information requirementsAssess ability and potential in a candidate against your selection criteriaMaking the selection decision. Balancing time and removing interruptionsThis is not an interrogation ensuring 2 way communicationsPutting the applicant at ease and explaining the process. Describing the role, responsibilities and tasks, skills, knowledge and attitudeLooking for evidence of your requirementsExploring candidate needs and wants - Recognizing candidate needs and wants aspirations and motivationCapturing and evaluating Interview evidence

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