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This Change Leadership Training Course will focus upon developing the skills, strategies and knowledge to enable you to plan implement, manage and sell change as an attractive opportunity. We will ensure that you are able to integrate the processes to fast forward change initiatives and get them moving in a new and positive directionChange is inevitable. You may be proactive in your approach to change or perhaps you are reacting to an event that has been imposed upon you. The more complex the change, the greater the leadership challenge to coordinate a range of processes from strategy formulation, to defining what needs to change and who will be affected. Effective change only happens when all of these considerations are balanced and optimized.A highly interactive training course which utilizes case studies, scorecards and a vast range of practical activities designed to simulate realistic business change management scenarios. Self assessment, coaching and personal feedback all provide valuable personal feedback and reflection opportunities during this programme.

Course Information

Who the course is aimed at

This change leadership training course is essential for those who are responsible implementing change initiatives. You will develop the skills, strategies and knowledge to enable you to plan implement, and sell change as an attractive opportunity and enable others to buy into the changes. We will ensure that you are able to integrate the processes to fast forward change initiatives and get them moving in a new and positive direction.

Course Agenda

Change Leadership Training Course ContentThe Change ChallengeProcess Management: Defining, Planning and Delivering a Change Strategy for Your OrganisationDeveloping a strategic change plan - Creating a strategic framework for change managementThe success journey -The process of identifying the drivers of change defining your direction and ensuring goal clarityEstablishing a sense of urgency - selling the value of a future state to stakeholders and making the present a dangerous place to remain.Data use and information management - available and required measurements of pre and post change initiativesPerforming an evaluation of your organisations readiness to minimize change effort failureIdentifying and minimising the impact of changeStrategic planning how will the change impact our clients, suppliers, employees?What does the future look like Scenario Planning: Creating a change vision and identifying riskRanking Risks: Rare to Certain, Negligible to CatastrophicIdentifying critical and unresolved issues in your change strategyLooking for short term gains creating opportunities for immediate successesEmpowering others to actAligning the organizations culture with its strategy for success avoiding the square wheels approachUnderstand and demonstrate the impact of management style on strategic implementation, selecting a leadership style appropriate to employee independence levelsPulling together a guiding team identifying critical change management competencies and identifying your change championsThe Leadership Challenge - People Centered Change MethodsCommunicate for understanding and buy in - Creating an appealing picture Selling value, benefits and feasibilityIdentifying and controlling the factors which influence employees beliefs about what success is, and creating positive pathwaysThe change curve, the emotional impact of change and managing cooperation blocksWho moved my cheese strategies for overcoming limiting beliefsCommunication StrategiesThe stakeholder planning tool - plan how you will communicate with each stakeholder involved in the change initiativePerceptual distortion -The Beautiful Machine case studyDriving change through the positive use of power and influence in the organisationBalancing hard and soft change indicatorsCommunicating the critical success strategies - What do these strategies mean for what people do at the corporate level, Identify the gaps between current capability and future critical success factorsIdentifying task needs, group needs and individual needsEnsure that the targets agreed for departments and individuals; address the factors critical to success The McKinsey 7S modelThe Change ScorecardThe change scorecard measuring the effectiveness of communication, involvement and leadershipOur Iceberg is melting Video - how the 8-Step Process for Leading Change can succeed in creating needed change in any sort of group.The Delivery ChallengeKotters eight-stage process for creating major changeOur Iceberg is melting - The Change Scorecard Exploring the Kotter and Bridges models for managing change best practice change management methodologies, research, readings and guiding pro formas.Ensuring AccountabilityApply the principles of project management to people issues and policies, ensure accountabilities, achievable targets, timelines and monitoring of deliveryEnsure accountability from those involved in the process identifying hard and soft measures of successSupport mechanisms for those tasked with implementation, ensuring their concerns and requirements are understood and addressedEstablishing a no blame culture - learn from each other, demonstrating value in contributions from subordinatesEstablishing Direction A master planning sessionImplementation Planning Creating a logical plan for implementing change

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9.30-4pm with 45 minutes for Lunch

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